What is the point of the Labour Party?

Seriously, what is the point of the Labour Party these days?

After copying SNP demands for a House of Commons debate on the Prime Minister’s bloodlust in Syria, Labour were granted an emergency debate on Syria on 16th April.  This debate was mainly about whether the Tory Government should have consulted Parliament before launching any attack on Syria rather than an effective debate on whether such action was justified.  In fact, an alarming amount of Labour MPs seem to have swallowed the Tory/ BBC propaganda about the alleged chemical weapons attack without any question.

However, when it comes to having a vote only 1 Labour MP – Dennis Skinner – actually bothers to hang around long enough to vote (he sided with the SNP).  All the other Labour MPs simply failed to vote.

Syria vote

An opposition which doesn’t oppose is no opposition at all. The Labour Party is complicit in all the actions of this Tory Government when they fail to stand up against them.

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