To Hell with War … and the UK

Yet another British Prime Minister has taken the country into an illegal war or is it just a conflict or a targeted strike?  Whatever the spin doctors call it, there will be people – civilians – men, women and children – who will have suffered and died from Theresa May’s decision to hang onto the coat tails of the deranged, outsized Oompa Loompa called Donald. 

May claims she needed to take action to stop Assad from using chemical weapons in Syria yet the weapons inspectors who will determine if such weapons were used don’t arrive in Syria until after May and co. have bombed the country.  Previous reports of chemical weapons use in Syria – after the briefest of investigations – started to point the finger not at Assad (who is winning his war against ISIS and its allies) but at the so called ‘rebel groups’ funded by the US.

The claims that this attack was to prevent a humanitarian crisis is unbelievable from a politician like May who turned her back on refugees from Syria and other countries where the UK has either directly or indirectly attacked.  Where is May’s compassion for the Palestinians, where is her compassion for the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo, where is her compassion for the people of Yemen?  Her compassion does not extend any further than the latest murky arms deal she has approved with any number of corrupt dictators across the world.

Mhairi weaponsThis is a Prime Minister who can waste millions of pounds bombing civilians yet ignore the pleas of public services across the UK who have been starved of funds due to her heartless austerity agenda.  How many people are queuing up at foodbanks these days while May is opening the national cheque book to pay for ever more weapons?  How many people have suffered and died due to the welfare cuts imposed on them by Tory (and many Labour) MPs, yet not one of those MPs have objected to the money being spent on the weapons used in Syria?

In September 2014 the people of Scotland missed their chance to walk away from such an immoral government and country.  We could have chosen a better way.  Obviously, no one knows what the future will bring but we do know what we are walking away from.  We would be breaking away from a country that cares more for arms deals than for people’s lives; a country that claims it’s so broke that is has to slash essential social security payments but has unlimited funding for weapons and a country that ignores international conventions and joins in illegal wars.

If the broken promises of the infamous Vow weren’t enough nor the oncoming economic devastation of Brexit, then the illegal warmongering of the UK from both Labour and Tory governments should highlight why we must redouble our efforts to establish Scotland as an Independent nation.

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