Does humour belong in politics?

The latest SNP party political broadcast (PPB) is causing a bit of a stushie amongst political commentators.  It wasn’t the fact that the SNP had ‘adapted’ a Monty Python sketch for their PPB (I think they’ve done this before) but that the annoying BritNat in the PPB appeared to resemble a British Unionist political commentator – David Torrance.  In case you are unaware of him, he’s the guy who wrote unauthorised biographies of Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon without bothering to check with them and who recently got caught out reviewing a made-up chapter in the recent book about Trump – so as a political commentator he’s not very bright when it comes to facts.

Wings full logo

This has apparently upset Mr Torrance who went online to complain about it but pointed out that it couldn’t be him as he never wears a tie – as per usual from one of the BritNats favourite fibbers – that was totally untrue, as highlighted not only by Wings but also by IndyRef 2 blogs.

Torrance Fact Check


It even got so bad that Alex Cole-Hamilton – the LibDem MSP who had difficulty keeping his campaign expenditure within the legal limits got involved with some trumped up nonsense about reporting the SNP to Ofcom.  Of course Mr Cole-Hamilton is a staunch defender of people’s reputations as was no doubt the case of former SNP MP Michelle Thompson – I’m sure Mr Cole-Hamilton explained in all his many campaign leaflets that she was innocent of all charges made up by the unionist press!

In other news, this weekend has seen a rush on razor blades all across Scotland as hirsute men decide to go clean shaven to avoid being mistaken for a certain beardy political columnist/ gossip merchant.

And just in case you haven’t seen the PPB – here it is …

SNP PPB photo


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