Dear Editor …

It comes as no surprise that a cabal of BritNats are working together to ensure that their pro-union, anti-Scotland views are covered within the letters pages of the mainstream media.  Yet again, we have Wings Over Scotland to thank for exposing this scam.

Wings Green Ink Gang

The National later took up the story.

This letter writing cabal claims to have placed over 5,000 letters in local and national newspapers – co-ordinating their attacks on the SNP and independence movement.

There was a response by one journalist (can’t remember who) who claimed that this wouldn’t work as each paper has a letters editor and that they would soon spot such a scam.  Well maybe not if those newspapers were complicit in the campaign.  I knew someone who once worked for a major newspaper in Scotland who routinely (along with other staff) were told to write letters to the paper in order to promote a certain point of view.  After all it does look bad if a newspaper’s political leanings is constantly attacked in the letters page by its own readers, so one way of ensuring that doesn’t happen is to make sure the letters page backs up the political views of the newspaper.

Of course, there is still the option of independence supporters writing in letters to BritNat newspapers to at least let their editors know that there are potential readers who don’t subscribe to their BritNat view.  I used to do it myself and even won the letter of the day a few times from the Daily Record.  I enjoyed the irony of donating the money from this to my local SNP branch – it’s just a shame I couldn’t make it a direct donation from the Daily Record to the SNP!

Maybe we should look at the tactic used by the BritNats and co-ordinate our letter writing efforts on a specific newspaper at a time.  Instead of sending out letters to all the BritNat press, who not focus on only one newspaper, maybe that would have a greater impact if the editor started to realise his potential readership was supportive of Independence?  Or would it even help undecided readers of the paper to see a different viewpoint from the columns in the newspaper?  Whatever – it may be something worth trying in the New Year as we start to up the campaign for the next Independence Referendum.

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