A step in the right direction

Mhairi Black MP gives a frank, open and honest interview with Holyrood magazine which is a must for any SNP/ Independence supporter to read.

Mhairi Holyrood maghttps://www.holyrood.com/articles/inside-politics/exclusive-interview-mhairi-black

In it she highlights her political journey so far and yet again reveals that she is definitely a breath of fresh air when it comes to Scottish and especially UK politics.   I am sure there are many independence supporters who will understand her comments and appreciate exactly what she means when she says she hates the institution and working practices of Westminster but still goes on with the job to represent not only her constituents but to stand up for Scotland.

Mhairi is no ordinary MP, she is not the type who will settle down to life in Westminster and end up too comfortable to continue the fight.  I would encourage everyone to read the interview.

Of course Mhairi manages to sum up the interview with a great quote on the need to get Scottish Independence:

“That’s why I try and always remind people that, yes, independence, to an extent, is a step into the dark, but God, you know what we’re stepping away from and surely it’s got to be better than this?”


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