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I don’t watch many programmes on the BBC these days, especially news and current affairs type programmes where the usual suspects try to twist any story into an attack on Scottish Independence.  However, I did make an exception on Thursday 26th October for the Timeline programme on BBC 2 as it featured a friend who has underwent major surgery to cope with an extremely rare form of cancer.

Kevin O’Neil, who stays in Inverkeithing with his wife Kirsty and young son Nathan, was the subject of the programme, looking at his experience of dealing with this cancer and its aftermath.  Just over 2 years ago Kevin was diagnosed as having malignant myopericytoma, an extremely rare cancer that started on the wall of his chest and resulted in major surgery to save his life.kevin kirsty nathan.jpg

Thankfully the surgery was a success and an enormous tumour was removed.  He is only the fifteenth person in the world known to have had this form of cancer.  In the Timeline programme (which is still on BBC Iplayer) Kevin explains a bit more of the details about his treatment and Kirsty explains her reactions to what she and Kevin had to go through. Kevin has also set up a blog to highlight this cancer and to try to help him connect with the other 14 people across the world who have had the same cancer.  More information can be found on his blog at:one of fifteen logo

I worked alongside Kevin and know that he can be a determined and forceful person.  I am sure this determination and strength of character will have helped him face this battle with cancer and I’m sure that it will keep him focused on tackling his recovery in the years ahead.

Please watch the programme on Iplayer and visit Kevin’s blog – help him to find the other 14 people across the world who have experienced this rare form of cancer.

iplayer kevin

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