Classic Rock Albums: Come an’ Get It

Released on the 6th April 1981, this was Whitesnake's fourth studio album which reached no.2 in the UK album charts and spawned the singles 'Don't Break My Heart Again' and 'Would I Lie to You'. Featuring the classic line-up of David Coverdale on vocals, the twin guitars of Micky Moody and Bernie Marsden, Jon Lord … Continue reading Classic Rock Albums: Come an’ Get It

Live Music during Lockdown

Obviously missing family and friends is the biggest drawback from the pandemic lockdowns but one of the other key events that a lot of people are missing is live music.  Gigs have been cancelled or postponed – some initially from 2020 to early 2021 and now even put back to 2022 – some have just … Continue reading Live Music during Lockdown

Send in the Clowns!

So, the latest wheeze from the Tories to save the Union, is to pack up Prince and plank them down in Holyrood Palace in Scotland to make us all feel more British! Clown Prince coming to Scotland? Honestly who comes out with this nonsense?  Is it really a bunch of out of touch Tory politicians … Continue reading Send in the Clowns!

SNP: Give us something to vote for!

The two-vote system for the Scottish Parliament always seems to confuse some voters.  The constituency vote is straightforward, a first past the post election, similar to the vote used for UK General Elections, where the candidate with the most votes gets elected.  However, it’s the regional list vote (sometimes called the 2nd vote) which leads … Continue reading SNP: Give us something to vote for!

Stop saying Sorry: resign and then face prosecution!

Dear Boris, No one is interested in your phoney sympathy and apologies, no one trusts you anymore.  You are the UK’s Prime Minister who oversaw the needless and unnecessary deaths of over 100,000 people – during peacetime! More civilian deaths have occurred under your premiership in under one year than all the civilian deaths in … Continue reading Stop saying Sorry: resign and then face prosecution!